Thursday, April 20, 2017

Protect your Data, Clients and Business: Attend Cybersecurity Conference April 27, 2017

No one is immune to cyberattacks, especially in health care, the most targeted industry sector for cybercriminals.

More than 90 million cyberattacks occurred in 2016 and this number could double this year.

This means steps must be taken now to protect your data, clients and business!

NJAMHAA’s Information Technology (IT) Project has secured expert presenters on cybersecurity and other related, equally critical topics for its annual conference, Be Connected, Stay Protected: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things, which will be held on April 27, 2017 at the National Conference Center, Holiday Inn in East Windsor, NJ.

At least one representative from every healthcare provider organization should attend this conference to gain invaluable information and resources to protect their data, clients and business. Ideally, at least two individuals from each agency should participate: an IT staff person and a CEO/Executive Director, as these learning opportunities are critical for both IT and non-IT staff.
Program highlights include:

       Keynote presentation, Mobile Apps for Mental Health: Privacy and Security Issues: Learn from leaders from the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine about how digital mental health tools have the potential to transform the way behavioral health treatment is provided.

       You’ve Been Hacked – Now What?:  The CEO’s of GreyCastle Security and Foothold Technology will carve out the pathway for you to follow, in the event you have been exposed to such a crime.

       Business Continuity Planning and Implementation: More Important Now than Ever!: Hear about actual case studies and learn what you should be doing to keep yourself in business during a catastrophic time.

       Building a Trust Based Internet of Things [IoT] for Business Critical Applications: Gain an overview of the eight steps to connect and protect IoT devices in today’s networks.

       Compliance through Penetration Testing:. Do you do this? You should be! The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires annual risk assessments of providers’ network infrastructures. Learn how to get started with a cybersecurity compliance program.

         2017 Cybersecurity Landscape and HIPAA Compliance:  Learn about the current cyber threats that you need to protect your organization from, as well as the IT solutions and best practices to manage risk AND remain compliant without breaking the bank.

There’s much more! Visit to read all program details and register online

Monday, April 3, 2017

National Healthcare Law: A Sigh of Relief, yet Need for Ongoing and Strong Advocacy

While we have a lot to celebrate and there was a deep sigh of relief for the time being when the American Health Care Act vote was canceled, we would be ill advised to assume that everything is fine and business will continue as usual. We know there are battles on different fronts on the near horizon.

There is much political motivation to weaken the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will negatively impact providers of mental healthcare and substance use treatment services and will be irreparably harmful to those they serve. We must continue to advocate strongly for parity to be reinforced and for the Essential Health Benefits to be maintained.

We must not get complacent or feel the problem has been kicked down the road and we can focus only on immediate matters. While the vote on the national healthcare law has been held off, there is a lot of repositioning going on behind the scenes. We need to do everything possible to direct the legislative and regulatory changes to be positive for providers and the individuals they serve.

This is a lot like a boxing match: We are back in our corners for now. The fight has not been won yet.

We must persevere with strong, consistent advocacy.

Let’s get right back in the ring! Write and call your Congressional representatives to solidify their support for a healthcare law that will ensure coverage and access to services for everyone in need, for all health conditions. Click here to access NJAMHAA’s Legislative Handbook, which provides all the contact information you need.