Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Message: Help Someone to Improve their Life

As we are in the midst of the holiday season, which is always promoted as the season of giving, I want to point out that often it is harder to save a life and meet an individual’s needs than it is to talk in systemic terms and support a cause.

At this time of year, our e-mail inboxes and regular mailboxes get filled with requests for donations from a variety of organizations, all of which serve invaluable purposes and have a significant positive impact on people’s lives. For some who receive these requests, it’s easy to make monetary donations to such organizations. While these contributions are certainly valuable, in many cases, this is the only time the charitable organizations are supported.

This holiday season, each of us should reach out and go above and beyond to help somebody. We should not think of it as work. In fact, helping other people is highly rewarding and has positive mental health benefits for individuals who volunteer their support. This is my goal throughout the holiday season, as well as the entire year.

Of course, NJAMHAA member providers do help many individuals and families every day throughout the year – every year – and their services are invaluable, as they enable individuals to improve their physical and mental health, pursue education, secure employment, escape homelessness and strengthen their relationships with family members and friends.

I send heartfelt gratitude to all the staff at NJAMHAA member agencies. Your tremendous contributions to New Jersey residents’ quality of life is truly inspiring and most appreciated.

All I want for the holidays is to spread the message: “Help someone to improve their life.”

I wish everyone safe holidays and a wonderful New Year!

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